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Letters to the Editor—Seven Days—06/15/2011



Original page: June 15, 2011

More to Investigate at UVM

Seven Days is to be commended for exposing the shenanigans being acted out on the public’s dime at the University of Vermont [Fair Game, “Dangerous Liaisons,” May 25; Fair Game, “Fogel Fallout,” June 1]. Your next story should address the patently outrageous salaries — including bonuses —being paid to so many unnecessary administrators at UVM.

According to the UVM List of Base Pay for 2010, there are currently 98 administrators being paid over $100,000 per year and 14 being paid over $200,000 per year — not including bonuses. A comparison is quite revealing: UVM employs 1185 administrators for a student body of approximately 11,000 students; conversely, the University of New Hampshire, a peer institution, employs only 586 administrators — fewer than half — for a student body of 14,600.

Where is the need for so many administrators, and what is the justification for the inflated salaries that they are paid? UNH seems to do more with a great deal less. A top-to-bottom review of the UVM salary scale for its administrators and the necessity of so many of these positions is in order. Taking unnecessary cost out of this enterprise is the first logical step in braking runaway tuition charges and restoring public confidence in the institution.

Vaughn A. Carney


TMI, Seven Days

I am shocked that Seven Days would delve so deeply into the personal matters of the two couples involved [Fair Game, “Dangerous Liaisons,” May 25], as if the newspaper were a petty gossip magazine. It seems that Seven Days did a full investigation of this, only to report very personal details about the sentimental life and other personal issues of the parties involved. It will be up to UVM to evaluate whether there has been infringement of the policies (hopefully in a discreet and respectful manner). Seven Days should stay away from this sensationalistic, scandalous journalism.

Marta Ceroni


UVM’s Most Recent Disaster

[Re: Fair Game: “Fogel Fallout,” June 1]: Now is the time for UVM’s trustees to completely clean UVM’s house and not to circle the wagons with “investigations” intended to cover up and not “elucidate” yet another Dan Fogel administration embarrassment. With national publications carrying the story of a 112-page doctoral dissertation written by Michael Schultz, the well-paid apparent boyfriend of President Fogel’s wife, the former Burlington City Councilor and even better paid provost Jane Knodell, who has owed her multiple promotions to President Dan Fogel, has decreed that there was nothing amiss.

Add this latest episode to the litany of recent disasters — the multimillion dollar PeopleSoft fiasco, the unwarranted secretive and lucrative administrative bonuses, the Ben Stein on/off invitation, the arrest of more than 50 peacefully protesting students, the interminable six-plus-hour 2010 commencement ceremony — all of which indicate an administration that has long ago exhausted the credit that it continues to claim for the Davis Center and the Honors College.

Garrison Nelson


Nelson has been a professor of political science at UVM since 1968.

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