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UVM Profs Rankled by President’s Severance Package—Seven Days—07/27/2011



Shay Totten. Original blog: July 27, 2011 (Wayback Machine).

Well, that didn’t take long: Today, the union representing more than 800 University of Vermont faculty criticized the pay package granted to outgoing president Dan Fogel.

In a letter to the UVM Board of Trustees, the faculty union said it was “dismayed and profoundly disappointed by the compensation package provided to President Fogel, as he steps down from the UVM presidency.”

Fogel announced last week he was stepping down from the presidency a year early due to “deeply personal reasons,” largely stemming from an internal UVM investigation focusing on his wife, Rachel Kahn-Fogel, who was found to have had a six-year emotional relationship with a key UVM fundraiser and had tense relations with other top executives.

Fogel’s last day is July 31. This week, UVM trustees named former provost John Bramley as the interim president. His first day of work is August 1.


dale tillotson
Fogels compensation would go a long way and even further in funding a baseball program for UVM so Vermonters would have an extra opportunity to further their education in Vt. as well as enjoy the limelight of nationwide sports activities.
But no lets sacrifice education and learning to support the Fogel family healing.
Bad move UVM, you are putting yourselves in the same way Mayor Kiss runs Burlington, which is not a good thing to be compared to.

Nancy Welch
Governor Shumlin and the legislative trustees *do* need to second-guess and argue with UVM’s Board of Trustees. Otherwise, it’s a board of people who are entirely unaccountable to the state, have little notion of a public university for a public good, and instead believe very firmly that just as the corporate world lavishes grand salaries and bonuses on those at the top while squeezing workers at the bottom, that’s a fine model for a university too. We need what few public representatives we have on the board to step up.

“It’s good to be the King.”

-Mel Brooks

Our Vermont aristocracy continues to live like 18th century French royalty on the public dime-

Meanwhile they’re gonna crack down on those lazy unionized emplyees with their gold plated .05% cost of living adjustments and their (ack) healthcare plans. They might as well change all the union job titles from to “Piss boy”.

Insolent Flunky: Count Da Money!

Count de Monet: De Monet! Say it… Mo – nay! Say it with me, Mo – nay!


Obviously we need to honor the terms of Fogel’s contract as written, but… “he needs the time not only to retool academically, but to address the serious personal issues he is facing.” What?

Maybe my employer wants to pay me to not work for 5 months and work on my “personal issues.” Or not.

Ward 2 Resident
Who wants to donate money to UVM or its alumni association when they just burn it by paying outrageous administrative salaries?

First, I think the future salary for the english position is a bit ridiculous.

BUT regarding his past salary and severance package…if we want our state school, which has risen in stature hugely in the last 10 years or so, to continue its prominence, we need to attract good leadership at the top levels. (no comment on whether fogel himself was a good president…thats a can of worms).

Basically, we’re not going to be pulling great talent away from other schools if we don’t throw some change at our current guy. sad but true.

I agree with most of what’s being said here. As a native Vermonter UVM grad in the 60’s, I am appalled at what this place has become over the years and esp. under Fogel – it’s not for Vermonters anymore. I am glad to see him go – they should have never hired him in the first place. This whole compensation package and what they’re spending to find another “hot shot” is total B.S. The Legislature should either dissolve the Board of Directors or sell the University to them and let it go private. I have never donated a dime to that joint and never will.

How does leaving a year early and with short notice entitle someone to six extra months of paid leave, various allowances and a $20,000 health and wellness account? Either the board is grotesquely mismanaging it’s charge or they wanted him gone sooner rather than later for reasons that have yet to be disclosed. Seriously, I hope it’s the latter.

I don’t see why the university needs to honor the terms of their contracts. Just read the disclaimer in the staff handbook: ” Right to Amend, Alter, or Terminate Benefits

Nothing contained herein should be construed to be a contract. The University reserves the right to amend, alter or terminate any and all policies and benefits described in this document. This applies to benefits offered to employees and retirees, as well as their dependents.” Health care benefit one day, next day be told no reasonable person should expect a benefit like this in this day and age (even if your salary was below market rate for 20years. UVM can pay these administrators salary’s but can’t honor their promises made to long term employees. sounds like a class action suit waiting to happen. let the revolution begin.

Yep, everyone should be paid equal. Prez should make no more than the person who cleans the toilets. Hell, let’s put the toilet-cleaner in charge of the whole university. I’m sure that would work out great.

And the whiny professors should all be brought down to the janitors’ pay level also.

I have no problem with Fogel’s contract or the extra 5 months. He will be here to do things, consult with etc…

His salary as a professor is too high. Of course most professors get paid very little, especially considering what we pay lower education teachers.