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Scandal at University of Vermont Leads to Resignations—ABC News—12/08/2011



Christina Ng (excerpted). Full article: August 12, 2011.

A scandalous romance among high-powered administrators at the University of Vermont has rocked the leafy campus and led to two major resignations.


Schultz accepted a hefty severance package on Wednesday following the school’s board of trustee’s investigation and review.

Schultz’s controversial severance package has many outraged. In addition to receiving a full year’s salary in 2012, he will maintain all of his benefits through 2011 including, “medical insurance, life insurance, cell phone allowance, access to UVM fitness center and the Bailey Howe Library,” according the separation agreement. The health insurance will continue through 2012 or until he finds another job. The university will also pay tuition for Schultz’s three young children.

The university will also be paying for Fogel’s resignation. He will take a one year leave, during which he will retain his full salary and benefits, valued at about $410,000. In 2013, he will return to the school with a position in the English department that will pay $195,000 a year.

In response to the pricey agreements, Cioffi said, “Certainly I have heard a significant amount of anger, frustration, and second-guessing around this situation, and I completely understand the reasons for those views. I recognize that it’s a lot of money, but in the national marketplace for university presidents it is not at all out of line.”