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Big salary bump for UVM business dean—Burlington Free Press—03/05/2011



Tim Johnson. Original post: March 5, 2011.

In announcing Sanjay Sharma’s appointment as new dean of the School of Business Administration, UVM raved about his “proven leadership within higher education” and his experience in the private sector. Left unsaid was that he also comes to UVM with first-class negotiating skills.

With an annual salary of $320,000, Sharma will be making nearly as much as President Dan Fogel, who is listed this year at $322,563. The current No. 2 in the administrative pay hierarchy is Provost Jane Knodell, at $270,000, followed by Richard Bundy, the new vice president for development and alumni relations, at $260,000.

Sharma’s predecessor, Rocki-Lee DeWitt, made $223,900 a year as dean before she went on leave, and Professor Larry Shirland, who has been filling in as interim dean, is listed at the same salary.

Sharma’s compensation package also includes up to $10,000 for reimbursement of research expenses.

We asked UVM to explain the salary bump of nearly $100,000 for the new dean and received this statement from Provost Jane Knodell:

“Dr. Sharma is the sitting dean of a highly ranked business school at a major Canadian university. We are paying him a market-driven salary necessary to attract somebody of his caliber in a very competitive national market. Advancing the university and elevating its academic profile requires significant investments and commitments, and I am confident our investment will pay off significantly for the school and the university. We can’t just talk about the need to make investments that will strengthen our quality and reputation. If we truly want to be known as one of the nation’s premier small research universities, this is the kind of commitment it will take.”


Warrior Puppet
Perhaps the Provost can comment on how this investment in the new dean will promote the Business School’s contribution to the TRI and advance the Spires of Excellence?

George Milo
To Warrior Pupper: The answer to your questionis: It won’t improve anythng. This Dean is only an administrator of a School not a College! Where is UVM gpoing to fit into Externships and internships in Vermont big businesses? There are none with IBM leaving the State in 2011. Maybe Health Care industry -Maybe? Who knows what UVM is planning? I sure don’t but thje state of Vermont doesn’ have many if any large multi State Corporation domiciled in Vermont..Oh yes the Teddy bear Corporation and the maple Syrup industry-Maybe GE ? From there the cupboard is kind of bare!

What’s the big deal-it’s only our tax dollars that the University is stealing from all of us with these pay rates. Talk about a bunch of bloat for such a small University. Just raise our taxes some more to pay these lousy no good administrators.

It’s a lot worse, all numbers quoted should include benefits package of about 40%. $320k is really closer to $450k …

George Milo
Linda : Good comment and wellm said. UVM thinks wityh a Champagne tasteand a vbeer pocketbook. IT is in 2011 a “w3anna be” academic institution. It is in love with itself. Tuition for In state students for the fal of 2011 is scheduled to vbe circa 26 thousnad $’.-YIPES How would you liketpo graduate with owing !04 thousand $’s bill to the feds at 3 % nd a pay bacek of 10 years. In spendable inbcome tha is over $800.00 per monbth vbck to the Feds. How is a B.A. in business going to pay that back at a starting salary of at ost $ 5,500.00 per month taxable income. Taxest 20$% that leaves circa 3 grand a month to live on ., One thousand a month for an apartment. and Less tha 2 grand to own a car and [pay $ 5 a gallon for gas and health care . . Doesn’;t leave much $’s foe a date and food.

There is a lot of uncertainty in higher education today. The availability of finding students that are able to afford the tuitions at any university, especially those much higher out of state tuitions that UVM depends, is impacted by the ability to attract students across departments. In every public university business administration is a sought out major. No where is innovation more needed today than in business as our non-sustainable systems are put the test each year. It is an enormous salary for Vermont standards, time will serve as the test. This is a bold move by the university, one that I hope pays out in dividends.

George Milo
With a President at UVM receiving in excess of $350,000. a year:A provost over $300,000 per year : A VP for diversioty at $270,000 per year : finally Deans of the respctive UVM Colleges Heaven knows what those salaries are?Reaching down now to the level of a School Dean at $320,000> ther is absolutely no way UvVM as a State University can handle those salaries. The UVM Board of Trustees are totally out of Control in condoning this unacceptable behavior from the UVM Senior level administration. How in Good gracious can a State of Vermiont Student expect to afford this tarrif! In my opinion as an educator of over 40+ years in higher education, Vermonters had better wakeup -You are being scammed-Period

Good thing we don’t have to pay for baseball anymore.

I am deeply ashamed of the University of Vermont and would like to express my outrage at the particulars of the appointment of Mr. Sharma as Business Administration Dean at the University of Vermont and the questionable appointment of his spouse. The pair of them being paid half-a million dollars per year. It is also highly questionable that the announcing of this appointment took place during spring break when the student body was away from the school on vacation.

Meanwhile UVM staff salaries are laughable and continue to spiral down, staff positions are threatened with budget cuts and retired staff are fearful of changes to Post-Retirement Medical Benefits. This corporate sweet-heart deal is very hurtful at a time when Vermont and American Citizens are struggling.

The University of Vermont of Vermont has the callousness to bring in a Canadian and pay him and his wife outrageous salaries born likely on the backs of tuition increases and very possibly staff layoffs and/or benefits cuts.

In the entire state of Vermont or indeed the other 49 United States, UVM could not find a person qualified to be the dean of a school of administration with less than 70 MBA students and pay them a reasonable salary?

In leiu of 2 cumulative salaries totalling $500k, 625 employees (at $40,000/yr) could have a 2% raise. A slight inequity? You be the judge. Perhaps the new dean and spouse could take care of their administrative chores. Maybe clean their offices and the restrooms, too…..

The hiring of both husband and wife is common for important positions in every field.

Dr. Sharma and his wife are able to earn a total of $500k because they are marketable and UVM has to pay this kind of money to get them.

If you go to the medical school, you will be able to find a few professors whose individual annual income is far above $500k. If you think their hiring is questionable, Vermont would not have a first-rate teaching hospital. Period.

To everyone who commented:

I was recently elected as a Senator to the UVM Student Government Association. This week, we’re debating a bill whether or not to condemn the Dean’s salary; indeed, most of us students (both out- and in-state) are confused as to why the salary is so large. I will be sure to bring this article and all of your comments to the meeting this Tuesday, as the Administration will be represented. Thanks to all!

It is very disheartening to me that the University is where it is today. The cost of high paid administration is flip flopping the University. We are top heavy. It is difficult for me to understand why the Board of Trustees are approving these salary packages which in my mind results in tuition hikes and 0% staff salary increases. I understand the reasoning of having state legislators on UVM’s Board of Trusteess as they should be able to connect Vermonters’ interests with the University’s mission. That clearly is not happening. At this point I would agree with Governor Shumlin and say to the Board of Trustees that it is time to go. You are not making logical and informed decisions. A Board that can balance financially the interests of students, staff, faculty, and the Vermont community is in the best interest for all. Let’s put some accountants, business owners, etc. on the Board. Let’s do away with half of the high paid UVM administration. UVM did not have these prior to the hiring of President Fogel. I think if we did this, student’s tuition would not increase and we could give staff and faculty modest raises. Within in last five or so years, UVM has increased student enrollment. With that increase comes tuition dollars. Where is that going? It is going to pay high University administrators. Ethically this is not correct. Is the University not accountable?

Yes it is common when hiring a Dean to hire his wife…but not at that salary. Check the national figures on this and you will find I am correct.