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UVM president’s faculty salary tops department—Burlington Free Press—07/13/2012



Tim Johnson. Original blog: July 13, 2012.

When Tom Sullivan begins work as UVM’s president Monday, he’ll have a secondary appointment as a tenured professor of political science — a position he may assume, under his contract, when he leaves the presidency.  His shadow faculty salary has been set at $170,000 for 2012-13, according to a June 20 memo to Sullivan by Rob Cioffi, chair of the board of trustees.

That’s more than $40,000 above what the next highest paid member of the political science department is getting. Moreover, after three years’ service as president, his Fiscal Year 16 faculty salary will be increased to $195,000, according to the memo.
All of which is reminiscent of what happened with Dan Fogel, Sullivan’s predecessor, who stepped down from the presidency last summer and assumed a tenured professorship of English at a salary of $195,000, beginning in January 2013 when his paid leave ends.  The next highest paid professor of the English Department will receive $116,548 in 2012-13.
Fogel’s salary is higher than the English department’s current norm partly because it was above the  norm when it was initially set, at $105,600, back in 2002 after he’d become president. Ensuing faculty contracts would have brought that to around $163,000 last year; he was then given something akin to a presidential premium, as we’ve reported before, to bring the figure up to $195,000.
But back to Sullivan (whose salary as president, incidentally, is $417,000): His faculty career has been as a law professor (University of Minnesota, University of Arizona, Washington University, University of Missouri); his degree is a J.D. (Indiana University), and unlike most of his departmental colleagues, he does not have a Ph.D.  His research specialties are complex litigation and anti-trust law — topics that presumably will enrich the political science department’s curriculum.
His UVM faculty pay is based based on a benchmark for law, not political science. Here’s how Cioffi explains the $170,000:

“The salary is based on the median full professor salary for professors of legal professions and studies for 2010-2011 ($169,249) as reported in the Oklahoma State University study of faculty salaries.”

We checked with Oklahoma State, and $169,249 was indeed the 2010-11 average (not median) for that category (professors of legal professions and studies), which includes law professors (average salary: $170,587).
What was OSU’s 2010-11 average for a political science professor? 114,688.
How does $170,000 compare in  UVM’s political science department? The next highest faculty salaries in 2012-13 are $125,881 and $118,553.


mike sullivan :
Did somebody put Fogel on the Board of Trustees? I thought when we sent Danny Boy packing the Board would have some cajones and fairly compensate the new guy, not shower him with perks a la Fogel!! I vote for a new Board of Trustees, send each one of them packing without severence.

John J. Zampieri. :
Wow, UVM Board has pulled another Fogel compensation package with minor changes for the new President of UVM!!! It is little wonder the public gets ticked off at the open check book at UVM when it comes to executive compensation. Vermonts public members of the Board sure have failed again to represent us…again. What a shame!

John J, Zampieri :
WOW…Thank God for the press…we now get the full story about how the UVM trustees have again signed a compensation for the new President that looks like another Fogel deal!!!The UVM executative compensation packages look like its a open check book for the asking…and the Trustees just say yes,yes,yes. No shame they have…….

George Milo :
Tim: Did you take into account ex Pres Fogels salary as an English professor? If my memory serves me well that salary was a mite exorbitant for a Professors salary ? I have no idea what or why UVM board of trustees is participating in this kind of behavior ? This UVM board mind set has been consistent and continues along the same path i.e. high Salaries for ex Pres as Faculty after their tenure as Chief administrtors. . I could see the raison detre for this behavior by the board except for the fact UVM is a good 4 year instituton to take either a B.A. or B.S. from, but it is not a World Class University. The Univ of Minn, where the newest UVM Presidential acquisition has arrived from, can and does compete on a National level -UVM doesn’t. It is no fault of UVM or its faculty! UVM does not have the either the University endowment nor faculty multi personnel Program Projects or Center grants to compete nationally for extramural dollars(S).. So the Board hires administrators and gives them after administraor perks that are outstanding World Class perks” and minor league grant and contract acqusitons, If it wasn’t for Senator Patrick Leahy’s Federal gift contributions to his Center at UVM to “clean” up Lake Champlain of the blue green algae a Multi personnel Center UVM would be zero for zero in acquiring a large extramural program or Center grant(s). Why go on- UVM is UVM and it will be what it wants to be-Nothing more & nothing less? If my comments are inaccurate, hire a peer review faculty team to review my comments to investigate whether UVM measures up to the UVM acclaim of the Boards behavior in salaries ? The Ohio State University Presidents annual salary is 4.5 million $ not a few hundred thousand -$-! . I serve on OSU Centers executive Committee for many years . I was a extramural funded Center director ana a high leel administrator in anther center a NIH funded Trainig grat director and a faculty million $ plus grant principal investigator awardee at OSU. I think it is reasnale to expect a mite more $. being acquired by UVM faculty & administrators from UVM then is presently being touted by the UVM board. Dr. George E Milo UVM class of 1958 & 1961

George Milo :
Mike: I agree! I was verbose! thanks for your comment