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UVM’s new dean by the numbers—Burlington Free Press—07/18/2012



Tim Johnson. Original post: July 18, 2012.

Tom Sullivan wasn’t the only UVM leader who started work this week. Monday was also scheduled to be the first day on the job for Antonio Cepeda-Benito, the new dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Cepeda-Benito, dean of faculties and associate provost at Texas A&M, “stood out in a very strong pool of candidates,” according to John Bramley. Cepeda-Benito joined Texas A&M’s psychology faculty in 1994; his research specialty, according to a UVM news release, is “the behavioral and neurological impact of exposure to pharmacological agents such as morphine, nicotine and cocaine.”

His salary as dean is $250,000. That compares to $192,280 for his predecessor, Eleanor Miller.

Indeed, one thing UVM’s new incoming executives seem to have in common is potent negotiating skill. Last year, business school dean Sanjay Sharma came in at $320,000, about $140,000 more than his predecessor got; and President Tom Sullivan’s $417,000 is about $95,000 higher than Dan Fogel received.

The new dean also has a secondary faculty appointment as a professor of psychology. The base salary is $147,500 – above average for a professor in that department.

Meanwhile, expenses for the Isaaacson Miller-aided dean search totaled $147,426.37. (We’re told the figure we were given before, $186,632.20, was incorrect.) As in the case of the president, the search firm’s fee amounted to one-third the hiree’s salary. What about the two dean vacancies, engineering and Rubenstein? Searches for permanent appointees won’t begin before the fall, and UVM isn’t saying whether search firms will be used.

Diligent readers may recall our mention of pending legislation in Illinois to ban the hiring of search firms to fill sub-presidential positions at the University of Illinois. Well, it seems the bill passed and has been signed into law. No more headhunters looking for deans in Urbana-Champaign.


George Milo
As I stated before in the article printed in yesterdays BFP. Money,money everywhere and who is responsible- the UVM bord of trustees-the UVM board of Trustees Hurrah-hurrah-hurrah! Competitive National salaries of a Private Competitive Comprenensive University; but not competitive for a small non competitive-non comprehensive State assisted wanna be State University. What can one say ? UVM slaps iself on its back so much UVM believes its own press releases. Go for it UVM ! The State of Vermont legisators don’t know any better! Good luck hgoing forward UVM administraton you are going to need it !

UVM Business school dean can not even get the school ranked in the annual Businessweek rankings and yet makes more than the UMASS Isenberg school dean, which is ranked.in the top 65.

I can understand giving the dean a “fall-back” tenured faculty position, but why concurrent with service as Dean? Is there not enough full-time work as Dean? Is he really going to be teaching and researching as well?

You are correct George — you could attract quality talent without spending as much on both the search and then subsequent compensation.

Lily Canter
“Cepeda-Benito…stood out in a very strong pool of candidates,” according to John Bramley.

According to John Bramley…

per usual, the man is capable of stating the most outrageous comments without a blush. I guess he must think that everyone’s forgotten the C.V.s that were posted on the provost’s page earlier this year. I think it would have been better to state that Cepeda-Benito was the only one that met the minimal qualifications and probably knew he had better leverage given the known competition. The pool was very shallow to say the least. [and not a single woman or minority among the finalists – really?] Like CEO pay, the recommended levels are from self-serving consultants and head hunters who get commissions. Our UVM trustees continue to disregard the interests of the state and students. UVM rank and file are left to beg for the stale bread crumbs from the table. How many new instructors, profs, librarians, etc. could be hired with the pay from just the three highest paid individuals? How many scholarships/grants could have been awarded to Vermont students. There is no real market justification for any of these top salaries, but I guess if they state it’s “necessary to attract” enough times, then we’ll believe it?

George Milo
Hi L.C. Welcome to Econoprof & My comments& Tims posting ! Ready-Here goes! Nice to hear from another UVM-er! The professional category and financial level of these past few administrative Candidates are not the blush. The blush is UVM board of trustees is basically incompetent. Every decision they make enhances the blush. UVM senior administrators/trustees are acting like the big 10 state university Penn State-Who me?To be more specific UVM board members have no idea what comprises a small competitive academic University ? For a University to rise to a comprehensive national level of academic competitiveness one would hope the appointed members to the trustee board would have something to bring to their table-UVM board has established itself and distinguished itself as a cheer leading group. Nothing more nothing less. A administrators salary that is well above a competitive level for a Senior University line for a UVM administrator and a faculty backup salary that is atmospheric is absurd. Those faculty backup salaries are more than likely only for a 9 month not a 12 month salary.

In so far as I was a chair of two major Fed committees for two Federal granting agencies and a full member on Grants and contracts committees for 5 other Federal agencies. I have seen salaries for Faculty & Administrators over 35 years of tenure ,I have been in the University Academic business . The UVM salaries are plums . Or golden parachutes. Why blame the candidates? Blame the UVM board of Trustees for this insulting demeanor behavior . This is UVM academic competitiveness? Not in my book!